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Beats by Duncan – 3d product box by Photoshop

Role: Graphic Designer | Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator


This is a school project under the course Photoshop in the first term of New Media Design at BCIT. My instructor gave us a challenge: everyone in the class will make up a fictional business and the assigned partner will design a logo, business card, and a 3 d product box.

My partner Adrian Duncan made up his business named Beats by Duncan with products are high quality speakers


Within Adobe Photoshop, create a logo/ business card and 3d mock-up product box.


1| Thumbnails

I sketched some thumbnails before jumping on Photoshop

2| Colour Swatches

As a requirement of my Instructor, there will be a limitation on using colour. No more than 3 colours( including shades) and free to use black and white.

My client chose blue as primary colours. I used one more orange colour, and these are colours added to the swatches.


3| Variation

I chose 2 from the sketch thumbnails and made some variations

4| Typography and Final Logo

I chose a San- Serif font: Impact. This typeface is bold and has similar look and feel with the logo I created.

This logo is a combination from the letter B and D. When we look at it from the front we see the letter B printed bold, when it is looked from a different angle ( such as from the top), it is the letter D with 3 dimensions.

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Business card

We were assigned to create a business card with the logo and some required contact information.

And all information must be placed on the front of the card. 


3d box product rendered 

The 3d box mock-up made with PHOTOSHOP by rendering 3d layers. I used 2 lighting points to make it more realistic.