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DNG Water Bottle – 3d bottle by Illustrator

Role: Graphic Designer | Tools: Illustrator


This is a school project under the course Illustration in the second term of New Media Design at BCIT. We were assigned to create a 3d bottle within Illustration. The bottle type varies depending on personal choice, it can be a beer can, a wine bottle, a coffee cup… I chose to create a water bottle with my own personal brand named DNG- an initial name


Explore more tools of Adobe Illustrator, especially the 3d tool : Extrude and Bevel 


1| Logo Illustration

I  just quickly made a logo (with an idea of tracing my friend face) brand for the bottle by Illustrator since this project was focus on the 3d bottle.

2| 3D Bottle Breakdown

I used 3d tool Extrude and Bevel to make the bottle

3d bottle illustrator render

3| Mapping Logo

Map logo into the 3d bottles and make some variation on colors

3d bottle illustrator render

4| 3D Mapping Illustration

Map the 3d environment with Adobe illustrator