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dog wash – poster redesign

Role: Graphic Designer | Tools: Photoshop


This was a photoshop class assignment on my first term at BCIT. The object of this assignment was to redesign a poster of our choice. 

The poster must be taken with its displayed environment so that we could compare 2 versions on the same situation


To improve photoshop skills,  and also to improve the sense of graphic design. When looking at a graphic, we improve thoughts on why it is being like that, what we can do to take it into a better version


1| Find a poster what can be redesigned better

  • I saw a poster stuck on the glass window inside a Bosley’s by Pet Valu store when I walked through the store.
  • I thought this poster was not effective on attracting attention because there are only words displayed on the poster which is kind of tedious. People tend to be attracted by graphics more than normally displayed texts.

2| Brainstorming

  • The poster was to inform about dog wash service and its pricing
  • The posted was displayed on the summer time.
  • The poster would be stuck on the glass window inside the store.


  • I came up with an idea to include a cute dog graphic which will catch people attention easily more than text only.
  • Because of the hotness on the summer plus the service was about dog wash, I wanted to make graphic look more “comfortable” means fresher, cooler.
  • The poster was stuck on the glass window, so making it wet-look like a dog was just being washed would be a good idea.


3| Redesigned Poster

The poster was redesigned with Photoshop

Thuy nguyen, graphic designer
Thuy nguyen, graphic designer