Graphic Designer

& Web Developer


Role: Web Developer | Technologies: WordPress


L’espoir is a local clothing brand in Vietnam. Its founder has been passionate about female fashion and want to empowering women beauty through fashion. L’espoir is a new brand but it has been affirming its position on the fashion market in Vietnam and being supported well from locals.

To expand the brand, L’espoir wants to have a website that functions as a gallery to showcase stunning designs and besides, also get more sales online.



This was just a simple e-commerce website, but this was my first try making an online store, so I had to research a lot before and during project.

First, I researched and analyzed some popular e-commerce platforms so I had a comprehensive look a bout pros and cons of each platform.

Second, I analyzed our purposes, needs compared to what each platform offers to finally had a decision on which platform will suite best with our purposes on making this website.

Finally, I chose WordPress along with woo-commerce. Bought a domain name, contacted hosting and got started on setting the website.




Through this project, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience on how to make an e-commerce website from scratch, not only web development, but also online payment sides.

I have explored essential, and useful plug-ins for WordPress e-commerce website.

Thanks to this project, I have been reviewing and gaining knowledge on setting up online stores on not only WordPress, but other platforms such as Shopify. 



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