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Van xvi – facebook cover package

Role: Graphic Designer | Tools: Illustrator


Vietnamese Youth Organization( VanXVI) was founded in 2018 with the purpose to educate, protect, and host team-building events for Vietnamese International Students in BC, Canada.

VanXVI includes 4 Facebook-based groups named HNA, Van Melodies, Board-game BC, and 4Vantuve.

To improve the organization image, and also reach more interaction on social media channel, from this May, VanXVI has run a marketing strategy including the improvement of social media presence – new facebook covers across 4 associated groups.



Viet Photography club for people who love to take photos, meet new friends, and enjoy to capture daily moment to their images.

Van Melodies

Music Artist Club was founded in 2018 with the purpose to support young artists, increase their connections, and assist them to produce music


Teenagers who from was about to enter college will need an organization to explain to them what college life looks like, what jobs they may do after they graduate, what they may like/ hate at work

thuy nguyen, graphic designer

Boardgame BC

Board-game lovers who would love to hang out at the weekend. Club was created to connect board-game lovers in BC to relax, meet new friends, and also try new games every week

thuy nguyen, graphic designer